Add Sub Tool in Manga Studio EX5

So, you just downloaded a ton of new brushes or pencil tools for Manga Studio. Where do you put them? If you’re like me, you want them organized so you can find them easily. Here’s how to do it! (All images and commands are shown using Windows 7 Professional operating system and Manga Studio EX5)

There’s no menu command to create a sub tool group. Why? You’ll see in a moment. The only way to create one is to first drag a tool up to the tab group area at the top part of the Sub tool palette.

So, import just one new tool. For my example, it is called ANDY, as he’s the one who asked this question. NOW click on “Andy”.


Now left-click and drag “Andy” up to the Sub Tool palette.


You will have a new Sub Tool called Andy with only one Tool in it with the same name. Right-click on this new Sub Tool Group to call up the “Setting of Sub Tool Group.”


Now you may call this new Sub Tool Group anything you please. I named it “Andy Inks” so Andy may add in his new Ink Brushes to this Sub Tool. Once you’re done naming the Sub Tool Group, click OK.


With your new Sub Tool Group created, open Windows Explorer and drag-and-drop in any or all of your new brushes. Drag-and-Drop is the fastest, easiest way to add new tools/brushes to a Sub Tool Group. And that’s how easy it is to create a new Sub Tool Group!


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