Art Fighting Hate


Starting today, I am taking art commissions from anyone willing to donate as little as $10.00 to one of the charities below. My pal Jeff Couturier started this idea and I’m following suit.

Make your donation and send me your confirmation email along with your commission request, and I’ll reward you with art. That’s it. Send an approved charity as little as ten bucks and ask me for a drawing of Green Lantern. Donate $100.00 and ask me for a drawing of a ninja space-rhinoceros. Then share (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, everywhere) the art and who you donated to, and include the hashtag #ArtFightingHate.

Here’s how it works:

  • Make a donation to any of the listed charities.
  • Send me the receipt showing your completed donation and amount, along with your commission request.
  • Once I send the drawing back to you, post it to your social media accounts with the hashtag #ArtFightingHate.
  • Enjoy your art, keep fighting, tell everyone you know.


If you have suggestions for other groups to add to this list, please let me know.

Some Ground Rules

  • $10.00 minimum donation to any of the above charities
  • Email your confirmation email of the donation, and your request.
  • $10.00 to $24.00: Clean pencil drawing of any single character.
  • $25.00 to $49.00: Single character inked and colored.
  • $50.00 to $100.00: Full color commission of your choice.
  • I work entirely digitally, so your art will be delivered as a high-resolution, print ready PDF file, and any JPEG, PNG, GIF file you want for a desktop or similar.


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