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About Artist Byron Wilkins

W. Byron Wilkins

W. Byron Wilkins

I was born in southern Illinois on a farm in 1957. My family moved to the suburbs of Chicago in 1969 where I took my first drawing lessons at the local park district. I soon was visiting art supply stores to buy quill pens, India ink and Bristol board to draw comics “like Charles Schulz.” In the late 1970s, I studied Mass Communication in college, following my desire to work in Broadcast Television.

In the early 1980s I transitioned to doing Corporate Video Production and ran an award winning Production Company until the 2000s. It was at that time that I started tinkering with the idea of making a career change back to my initial love, which was drawing cartoons. In 2007, at age 50, I made the leap and started training myself to become a comic strip artist. I immediately purchased a WACOM tablet and Manga Studio EX. I still use a WACOM tablet and Manga Studio to produce all my art work today. With the significant improvements made in Manga Studio EX5, I now do everything in that software package.

I work primarily producing custom commissions and illustrations as well as attend several comic conventions annually to expand my freelance illustration business. I also produce the webcomic “1977 the Comic” about struggling musicians in the 1970s. And finally, I co-founded the Webcomic Alliance, a group of webcomic artists whose goal is to help out beginning webcomic creators. 

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