Classic Rock Year: 1957

In honor of my 57th birthday this month, I am starting up a series of illustrations highlighting a popular car and rock & roll act from specific years. If I see enough demand, I will do one for each year from 1957 going forward. For now I’ll be doing key years, like 1964, 1969, 1973(…)

Dawn Griffin Studios Lets Young Women Know “It’s Okay To Be You”

Owner/artist Dawn Griffin of Dawn Griffin Studios decided to go the self-publish route with her comic strip and uses ‘cute social commentary’ cartoons to break down gender stereotypes. Havertown, Pennsylvania August 27, 2013 Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, Dawn Griffin was not your typical girl. Her summer days were spent climbing trees and rough-housing with(…)

Coloring Book For New Client!

I was recently hired by the folks over at Safe At Home Health Care in Naperville, Illinois, to create a coloring book they could print to help explain their elderly care services to the young grandchildren of their clients.  The coloring book explains the needs of their elderly grandparents and how professionals are sometimes needed(…)

Mini Poster Choices for 1977 the Comic

I will be attending the New York Comic Con in October and I’ll be printing a 11″ x 17″ poster to sell at the convention.  I’ve created three different backgrounds and need help picking which one to pring. So I’m leaving it up to you all to pick which version I’ll print.  Leave a comment(…)

Manga Studio 5 EX Released

I have been drawing with Manga Studio software since 2007.  Along with my a WACOM tablet, it was the first thing I bought when I began to draw again.  Both my tablet and the software have been upgraded since then and today, the latest version of Manga Studio has been released.  I have been on(…)

Star Trek Challenge

I am part of a few groups around the Social Media world and I did this as part of a Star Trek Challenge to coincide with the release of the latest film.   I picked the four captains of the Star Trek TV series I watched the most.  I did not include Scott Bakula mainly as(…)

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